geometric pattern work by B. R. Gendler
all images © 2001-2013 B. R. Gendler
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While all of the patterns on this site were influenced in part by Islamic geometrical patterning, from simple hexagonal lattices to complicated Zelij-style tiling and arabesques, this gallery shows work directly derived from Islamic sources. All of the patterns included here except the last two were drafted using only a compass, straight-edge, pencil and eraser, then scanned and cleaned in photoshop. The last two are darkenings of photoshop created overlays.

A pattern created from the design found on the cover of an old Quran. A scan of my hand-inked original is shown below. The original, in all its arabesqued beauty, was gorgeous, but I was struck by the simple beauty of the design's skeleton, which shows the beauty of well planned proportion.

A doubling of a pattern implied on another Quran cover. Hand inked on paper.

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